Please see below some of the Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any other question please contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

What is a 6 hour challenge event?

A 6 hour challlenge event is a lapped event where entrants complete as many laps as they wish within the 6 hour limit.  Complete one lap and your are officially a finisher and receive a medal. You do not have to declare the distance you intend to run when you enter or even on the day, it is down to how you feel on the day.  When you want to stop, ring the bell at the end of the lap and your time and distance will be recorded.  Only fully completed laps will count towards your distance, partially lap distance wil not be included.

Are you affiliated to any running organisation?

Yes we are.  On The Whistle Ltd are affiliated running event organisers with England Athletics.  Our registration reference number is 7692791.  Our events are run under UKA Rules and Regualtions.  Race permits are obtained from the Trail Runners Association, a condition of which is the permit is available for inspection at the aid station.

If I complete a marathon distance will it be recognised by The 100 Marathon Club?

In short, yes it will.  We will advise runners of the number of laps that will equate to running a marathon.  Only full completed laps will count, most of the lap distances are such that you are close to 26.21 miles when you have completed the required number of laps. However sometimes you will be running further than 26.21 miles depending on lap distances.  The recorded distance run will be on the completed lap run and not individual runners GPS distances.

Can my dogs run with me during the race?

Sorry dogs are not allowed to run with you in the event.  Our events are insured via UK Athletics, who recently banned dogs running with entrants.

Can children enter your events?

Yes, children can enter some of our events and it is depends on how old the children are.

Our events are held under UKA Rules and Regulations (Rule 141 UKA Trail Running) who govern the maximum distance children can run in athletic events. The conditions are:

They must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

They must not run further than the following distances

  • Under 12 years – 3,000 metres
  • Under 14 years – 5,000 metres
  • Under 16 years – 6,000 metres
  • Under 17 years – 10,000 metres
  • Under 18 years – 25,000 metres
  • Under 20 years – 45,000 metres

What sort of food do you have at the aid station?

The aid station will be well stocked with water and squash to drink.  It will also be stocked with goodies runners like for example crisps, haribo (all runners love haribo), cakes, pretzels, biscuits and fudge.

We do not supply engergy gels or sports drinks, this is because people have their own preferences and we cannot possibly stock all varieties to cater for everyone.  You can leave your own supply at the aid station for your own use during the event.

Can I leave my own food and drinks at the Aid Station?

Yes of course you can.  Some runners like to have their own special sports drinks and energy gels or bars during events and these can be left at the aid station.  We recommend you place them in a container clearly labelled with your name and we are not able to take responibility for left items.

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